Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Is Kairos: Album Release Party
7:31 PM

This Is Kairos: Album Release Party

I'm throwing a party & I'd love for you to come out & celebrate this album with me.  This will be special.  And intimate.  Come prepared to experience Kairos.   Any questions, let me know.   

Update: Facebook Invite

A few things that aren't on the flyer that I'd like to address

1. You can bring your kids, but there will not be a designated space for them to run amuck while you enjoy your night. You bring em, you watch em, lol.
2. I know Columbus likes to do this thing where when the event starts at 7 they don't show up until 8. We are starting AT 7:30. Se'm thurdee. I will be ayo'ing expeditiously.
3. We will have REAL food there, the event is being catered. First come, first serve. So come early if you want to eat.
4. Venue space is limited, I highly suggest if you plan on coming, you go to & buy a ticket in advance (it's cheaper) & RSVP your space.

Let me know if you have any questions & such...hope to see you all there, thanks!!!