Monday, September 5, 2011

11:51 PM


I know I should write this from a 3rd party perspective, but let's not pretend like I have a team when I don't. So I won't be speaking in 3rd person.

So far in 2011 I've released two projects: The Havilland Savage Theory & Ketchup: The Best of Armond (2010-2011). Along with a few freestyles, remixes & guest appearances here & there, if I was to speak for myself, I'd say I was very quiet this year, at least musically. I've been not-so-secretly working on four projects for the majority of the year

  • Havilland Savage Theory: The Residue- The reunion show of HST. At the end of the CD, Lee & Havilland reunited but what happened afterwards?
  • Snooze Button III- To pay tribute to my favorite era ever, I took some of my favorite songs from the 1990s & added my own personal spin to them. I also grabbed my homie & the ONLY person who's a bigger music nerd than me, DJ O-Sharp to give it a classic Ron G/Kid Capri blend tape feel.
  • Insomnia- One of the two one producer/one MC projects featuring my little brother Pizzie. Pizzie produced Wait It Out & Dreaming pt 2 for me in 2010.
  • 574- The second one producer/one MC project with my boy & fellow Clock Radio Speakers host, Doc. He produced Rearview/Dashboard, Child Of God, & Good Evening.

Because none of these projects are nowhere near completed, I've decided to release short EPs called "Condiments", which will serve as previews for all four projects, as well as provide a home for random songs that won't fit on anything else.

Why Condiments?

It's always the little foxes that spoil the vine. An attention to detail is key in achieving success. While many focus on the bright lights, a lamp can get you to your destination just as efficiently. When it comes to food, some of refuse to eat unless we have the right condiment; ketchup, hot sauce, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, etc. Likewise, success will not come unless all of our I's are dotted & our T's are crossed. The 'condiments' represent the necessity of the "little things" in life

side note: the salt & pepper on the cover represent balance...

1. Questions & Answers (produced by Doc from the upcoming project '574')
2. Forever Right Here (from the upcoming project 'Havilland Savage Theory: The Residue')
3. Camp Anawanna featuring DJ O-Sharp, Dre Murray, TK & Japhia Life (from the upcoming project 'Snooze Button III')
4. Makes No Sense (produced by Pizzie from the upcoming project 'Insomnia')
5. A Different World featuring Yaves (BONUS)
6. Chevy Impala Music II featuring J Carter (BONUS)

Condiments will be available for purchase on for the amount of your choosing.