Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday Morning Update #1
3:54 PM

Monday Morning Update #1

i was up last night until 1am working on details for Monday Morning, which was originally supposed to drop in August, then in January...and now its June, smh

-as of right now it's 22 tracks. the label wants me to cut it down to 12-15, it'll probably be 14-15. the other tracks that don't make it, i'll probably leak a free EP or something

-1st single is called Put In Work, i played it on EdoubleF Radio last summer, but that was a demo version. new version sounds completely different

-"Theme Song", "Rather See Her Smile", & "Let There Be Light" are the only songs you've heard from it, i'm gonna try my best to keep the majority of it under wraps.

-next leak will be "Heaven On Earth" for Father's Day, song about my kids

-Doc handled the bulk of production. he did "Waiting For You" & "Close Your Eyes" for me...he's got about 8 joints. Sandman & Pizzie handled the rest

-production is sample heavy, like all of my projects. y'all know i hate 808s & synths, lazy...i am still accepting beats, i have 3 ideas in my head that i don't have beats for. shoot me an email if you're interested in sending beats

-MM won't drop until Cos (Elohim Media Group's 1st artist) releases Speechless & we get his project rolling. i refuse to be Puff, "allllll in the videos"

-finally Monday Morning will NOT be free. i've given y'all hundreds of songs (literally), the least y'all can do is support your boy