Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shoot Me Down With A Millie-on Bullets
9:26 PM

Shoot Me Down With A Millie-on Bullets

Two new songs finally...

I wrote this record shortly after my fast. I kinda imagined myself floating through a desolate city & recording my surroundings. And normally I would’ve either ignored or not given much thought to a lot of things, but God wants us to be well aware of what goes on in the world (contrary to what a lot of folks think). But because I’m floating, I could see over everything & not get directly involved. All I could do was cry to God (hence the hook) & have faith that He would come through. It begins to build up & create a sense of urgency that we need to have in these last days. So despite the rockets & TI-like guns, even if the bullets hit you, continue to fly. Hence, my rendition of “Shoot Me Down”.

Shoot Me Down - Armond

Here is your obligatory Millie freestyle. I'm not leaking this to hop on the various mega-mixes that are already out. Honestly, about 2 months ago, my wife asked me to do something over this beat. I never really thought the beat was all that crazy, but I obliged. 20 minutes later, this was done. I didn't release it cuz shortly after, the Millie craze dropped. I'm glad reggaeton ain't poppin like it used to, cuz obviously there'd be a Don Omar remix

A Millie (In A Minute & A Half) - Armond