Friday, December 7, 2007

Real Life & Rap
4:23 PM

Real Life & Rap

i hate y'all duuuuuuuuuudes that got real life & rap confuuuuuuuused...word to Joe Budden

this SHOULD be common knowledge to anybody 14 & up, but we gotta start with the chi'ren

edit, my response to someone saying it's only entertainment:
nah it's not "so what" may say at the end of the day it's entertainment, but it's kids that really think these rappers live that life...

then when Imus popped off & everybody blamed rap, y'all got mad...why?? not everybody looks at rap as entertainment, a lot of people REALLY believe what these cats say...

it's the very reason why 50 has to change his song to "I Still Will" to get burn on MTV, YET there's a rock group called "The Killers"...who do you believe is really gonna kill you, a big black dude posing in pictures with vests pointing guns, or a bunch of skinny white dudes with guitars,

shoot, it's even adults...i dunno how many random hip hop conversations i've had with GROWN MEN where the topic is "who's real" & "who would body who"...lyrics ain't important no more to the general consensus. like the kids say "it sounds good", we're willing to overlook a lot for a hot beat & something catchy to sing along with

i support dude going to the kids, he's not acting holier than thou, if he was he would just say "this is wrong, stop doing this or you're going to Hell" without hearing the kids out...

while i do believe the Christian community needs to take a better approach to hip hop, this is a pretty good start