Monday, August 9, 2010

Dreaming Out Loud OFFICIAL Six Month Anniversary!!!!!!
7:08 AM

Dreaming Out Loud OFFICIAL Six Month Anniversary!!!!!!

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click HERE to purchase the album!!!
<a href="">Dreaming Out Loud by Armond</a>

Today is August 9th & the OFFICIAL time to order Dreaming Out Loud for whatever price you choose!!!! Here is the breakdown:

  • If you buy or have bought any Armond related project (Dreaming Out Loud, Snooze Button II, The Nina Mosley Experience) you will be sent a link to download a 100% exclusive unreleased project from me. No this CD will NOT be released months after the fact, it is ONLY available to fans who purchase an album on or before August 9th
  • If you download Dreaming Out Loud for free, you will NOT receive the bonus disc. Minimum purchase price to receive the album is $5
  • The link will be sent out later today, I'd like to gather all the emails & send the link out once. I'd LIKE to, I know that may not happen
  • The CD will be available at name your price for exactly 24 hours, from 7am Monday August 9th to 7am August 10th.

If you missed Dream Interpretations, the vlog series where each track from the album was broken down & explained, click here