Monday, December 31, 2007

It's So Haaaaaaaard...(Pause)
2:52 AM

It's So Haaaaaaaard...(Pause)

i just lost 100 pounds im tryin to live!!!

as 2007 draws to a close, there is proof that God doesn't operate in days, weeks, months & years, but seasons. and He continues to reveal things to me.

it's crazy, how things can change overnight. one day you've got a million friends, by the time the sun sets you've got 3. snakes shed their skin, blood hits air & it's color instantly changes. SO QUICKLY, WE DON'T EVEN SEE WHAT IT'S ORIGINAL COLOR...

this ain't no "I will survive" post, i'm just very shocked by a lot of people & their actions. i thought that people were only around to watch you fall. i see now that it's even WORSE when you rise (no homo). countless nights that i've spent in prayer, in tears, sleepless, you name it, it's finally coming to fruition & i've got the "armond ain't ish" brigade throwing a parade downtown.

watch out niggers, the klan's gettin' bigger!!! (random movie reference, 100 pts to who gets that)

i wonder nowadays why i end up being so cynical. as a Christian, to have no hope in humanity should be morally wrong right?? but it's like, if somebody is walking around with a gun in broad daylight offing random people, i'm correct to assume he's a killer right??? so if man continues to prove that my cynicism is justified, should i even TRY to change it??

no wonder i have a writer's block...if the number 8 represents new beginnings...i'm in for it...

happy new year y'all