Thursday, March 13, 2008

Say It Loud
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Say It Loud

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Who knew an ex-Sportscenter anchor could spit so much fiyahhhh!!!

The only comment I have is this: I'm 23 yrs old. I wasn't around for Martin & Malcolm, and I was too young to remember when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had a good rapport with the US (instead of their rep now as being the bigger brother you go get when somebody picks on you). So as long as I have lived, there haven't been any real leaders for the african american community. And if you think Ima say 2Pac, slap yourself.

I don't agree with everything Obama stands for. I think he's gonna be the scapegoat for every white person if he's elected. I think some blacks don't want him in office because they WANT to forever blame the white man for holding them back. But the one thing I love about Barack is that he's inspiring this generation that has nothing to look forward to. He's their proof that we can do whatever it is we set our minds to.

So there should be NO reason why we should think that supporting Obama cuz he's black is wrong. I dunno HOW many times I've had a convo like this:

Them: "so who are you voting for?"

Me: "Obama"

Them: "why? Cuz he's black?"

I SHOULD be like "yeah cuz he's black!!!"

I mean shoot, most of McCain's supporters are old war vets that look JUST like him, what's the difference?? Hillary won a few months ago cuz she cried and had the soccer mom vote feel sorry for her, them girls came out in DROVES to vote for her, cuz they RELATED to her (for whatever funky reason).

All I'm saying is, stand up for what you believe in. Don't let anybody sway your opinion (unless they come with solid facts), and definitely go vote this November...

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