Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Week: Day Seven: Heaven On Earth
1:38 AM

Fathers Week: Day Seven: Heaven On Earth

<a href="">Heaven On Earth (produced by Sandman for Sandman Productions) by Armond</a>

I wanna thank everybody involved with this whole Fathers Week ordeal. I literally got the idea 2 nights before the week started so a HUGE thank you to everybody that gave testimonies (quick turnaround time). If this inspired you, blessed you, encouraged you, opened your eyes, WHATEVER...I'm grateful & very happy that it did SOMETHING.

Dads get such a bad wrap. But anybody with some issues, whether it be promiscuity, bitterness, or just being LOST overall, you can usually root it to something happening with their father. So I make it a point to congratulate those dads that are going hard & doing their thing for their children. Accepting their responsibility.

I wrote "Heaven On Earth" because I missed my kids. I'm not around them everyday to enforce my role as a father on them, so I wrote it from the perspective of "this is what I thought the moment you were born. These are the aspirations I have for you". I've been told by a few people the song has led them to tears & for that I'm in awe. So today, I give this out for free, for everybody to enjoy, because today will be EXTREMELY difficult for me. Another day without my kids. So if your kids are around, hug them. If your dad is around, hug him. Even if your dad wasn't around, forgive him.

Happy Fathers Day.