Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Week: Day Six: A Father's Story
12:07 AM

Fathers Week: Day Six: A Father's Story

For day six, I was interviewed by @BriteComplexity, who also did a review for Snooze Button II a few weeks ago. This by far was the HARDEST interview I've ever done, it was a difficult conversation. I didn't wanna lie & act like this Father's Day isn't gonna be tough, as have 4 the previous 5 (had my daughter for Father's Day last year). But I felt the need to share my story for the reasons I share anything else...for self-reflection & for you guys. So shout out to the dads out there, if you have your kid with you, give them a hug & tell them you love them.

A Father's Story- Armond Goss