Wednesday, October 7, 2015

*NEW MUSIC* Armond WakeUp - "Jacqueline vs Angela" #MarcusGrahamWednesdays
10:37 AM

*NEW MUSIC* Armond WakeUp - "Jacqueline vs Angela" #MarcusGrahamWednesdays

Marcus Graham Wednesdays begins with Jacqueline vs Angela. A take on an early 90s R&B classic. This is written from the perspective of choices & over-commitment, where sometimes we can be so invested in a relationship, we neglect our other responsibilities. Marcus understands that this is wrong; #1 he's never experienced this level of relational indulgence #2 he's seeing other priorities in his life begin to tail off. Yet, he's slow to "bounce back". This is a navigation through that process.
In addition to this, I'll also be on periscope (@armondwakeup) tonight @ 8pm EST discussing this record & revealing more details of The Epiphany of Marcus Graham. 
Mixed by - @doc_beats (twitter)
Artwork - @quietgiantdesign (IG)