Tuesday, January 1, 2008

13th Floor
3:33 PM

13th Floor

as 2008 dawns upon us, i really don't know how to feel. between the 8=new beginnings sermons i've been hearing for the last month, to the prophecies that are supposed to (finally) come to fruition (not so good, pray for this nation), i dunno what to focus on. unless God wants me to multitask (knowing Him, He does), i'm at a fork in the road.

ANYWAY, on a lighter note, i will say that i am getting old. i BARELY made it to midnight last night. i promise you i was fading out at 10:30. let me also say that church is hilarious. i can't go into the house of God all tight & stiff (pause) trying to act holier than thou. cuz some of y'all need to see yourselves, or at least see what i see. but hey, praise is praise, i can't be mad at anybody as long as they're truly glorifying God. i just feel like some of the religious traditions are...goofy?? maybe that's the word, but whatever. between the choir (and the simpson's comic book guy playing the sax), testimony service, the "sermon" we got at the end (aka a whole lot of hoopin & hollerin, dude said absolutely NOTHING for 35 minutes) then missing the downtown fireworks cuz somebody decided to get in the pulpit & make small conversation aka i'm lonely & need some company, i was done. i still enjoyed my night, i was in the bed knocked out by 1:30.

my pin fell OUT of my hand this morning. it doesn't hurt, i just can't move my hand as well. i can't front, i'm a little scared. run it back, last week i woke up at 3am & my hand was throbbing. i haven't been in that much pain since...well, ever. and those of you that got the phone call after i broke my hand know that i can take pain (i casually mentioned it during the conversation "oh and by the way, my knuckle is sitting in the middle of my hand"), so i haven't been able to move my hand as well as i did before (i was 80% back to health), i'll let you know what happens at the clinic tomorrow.

and i finally got my hands on my spoken word that i did at my church last Sunday, give me a minute...