Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What Christmas Means To Me
4:50 PM

What Christmas Means To Me

here's the performance...back story & lyrics below

Spoken Word @ UJCF 12/23/07

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so i'm apart of my church's fine arts ministry (Val & Brittany whuddup), which incorporates mime, praise dancing, plays, and whatever else falls into the performance category. we were asked to put on a Christmas performance to a) honor God & b) bring some attention to our ministry. so because me & my boy Val like to think out the box, we did something different. i wish i had footage of the mime they did to Kirk's "The Night That Christ Was Born"...sick. and shut up about my hand...yes my splint is big, i know...

here's the lyrics just in case you can't hear too well (promise i wrote this in 15 minutes, at work, on break...)

i got a call to write a rhyme about the meaning of Christ
His birth, death & resurrection, what it means to my life
i wish i could go back into time to see what it's like
but i don't have to, cuz right now i see with my eyes
that God's in every last one of us
some a little, some a lot
some try to hide the fact they know Him when it's not the truth
the truth is, i don't carry my boulders
i don't sit & wonder why He chose mary & joseph
i don't wonder if His skin was white, or if He had a wife
i just submitto Christ for who He is in my life
this used to be a time when we really honored Him
it's Christmas, whether you call it Kwanzaa or Channukah
i remember i was 7 years old, i was awaken from my sleep
and the 1st thing i said was happy birthday Jesus, now?
kids are taught to be greedy
and their parents feed it
buying them lots of things that they really don't need
what an 8 year old need with 100 dollar sneakers
and cuz you bought em, you're struggling
living off tap water & frozen pizza
these are simple things i felt
living in Christ lets me know that i need myself
He is my identity, so i gotta be myself
i know Christmas is on tuesday, i want a nintendo wii myself
but, instead of gifts this year
i'ma make this crystal clear
that my mission is geared
to fix what's here
so from now until i layin the dirt
i don't need a single day to represent His birth