Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Diary (July 2008)
9:31 PM

Dear Diary (July 2008)

Hopefully I can remind myself to do these monthly, with the craziness that is my life beginning to turn, now is the perfect time to start.

I’m finally getting out the military. Those of you that know me, it’s been a long time coming. I still remember getting off that bus at midnight with a bag & a endless supply of nerves as some dude with a Kung Lao hat managed to punk 200 kids on a bus. And now I’m about to take my uniform off in exactly one month. It’s not even surreal, I think when I’m able to let my hair grow out (which I am), and not need a hat to go outside then it’ll hit me. Or maybe once I scoop one of these babies & rock it on the plane…

A lotta folks get used to the military lifestyle, trust me it’s easy to get into. And then they create a situation for themselves that forces them to stay in, even though they’re not happy. They’re stable financially, they don’t want for much, but they’re not happy. And I think your happiness and your sanity are far too overlooked & underappreciated. Plus God doesn’t like you to be comfortable for too long, reposition yourself so He can work something brand new in you. If you wash a car & never let it leave the garage, it’s not gonna get dirty again. I’m trying to get muddy so God can wipe me down (*insert lame Boosie hook here*….famous like a ninja turtle *ZING*)

So in turn, that means I’ll only have my studio up for one more month. I’ve decided to scrap “The epideMIC Files” & just make music, whatever. I’m about 2 & a half songs into Wake Up 3. When is it coming out?? Who knows… Will I drop an EP or mixtape beforehand?? I'll do you one week I'm dropping a podcast containing nothing but new & unreleased tracks. Also insight into the tracks & additional information on Armond, Ca$h & the Triangle Effect. Sounds dope??

What I’m Reading:

TD Jakes’ “He-Motions”
Ron Dunn’s “Faith Crisis: What Faith Is and Why It Doesn't Always Do What You Want”.

What I’m Listening To:

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (audiobook)
Marvin Sapp- Thirsty
Kirk Franklin- Hero
Random Triangle Effect music
Kenna- Wait Til They See My Face

Why I’m Busy

Playing MLB 08- The Show
Waiting on Blackberry 4.5 (STILL :-()


dawuanw said...

Congrats man, I'm glad you're done with that chapter. Now you'll have more time for music and whatnot. Man I need to hurry and get some music done with my girl. I want a spin on the podcast man.