Sunday, July 20, 2008

EdoubleF Radio Episode One (The Debut)
6:00 AM

EdoubleF Radio Episode One (The Debut)

back for the 1st time, EdoubleF Radio, over 2 hours long of everything Effect

Download the Episode Here

Show Order:
-The Autobahn (Freestyle) exclusive
EdoubleF Radio Intro
-Put In Work (prod Don Cannon) exclusive
-Champion (Freestyle) exclusive
Speaks on the inspiration of "Crying" (promiscuity, failed marriages, homosexuality in the church)
-Crying Wake Up 3 exclusive
-Coffee House rare
Speaks on inspiration of "Coffee House" & "Me"
-Me feat Erykah Badu exclusive
Ca$h Interview pt 1 (speaks on Common's "acting skills", his humble beginnings as an MC, the makings of Ca$hualty, his favorite song off the CD)
-Ca$h: Whatever It Takes classic
Ca$h Interview pt 2 (speaks on the beginning of the Triangle Effect, his vision for his new CD "Redemption", what happened to the Triangle Effect album "All Angles", Armond's transformation, the inspiration for "Won't Do A Thing About It"
-Triangle Effect: Won't Do A Thing About It classic
Ca$h Interview pt 3 (reminisces on old Effect stories, the inspiration for "Hero", Barack vs McCain)
-Triangle Effect: Hero WORLD PREMIERE
Ca$h Interview pt 4 (speaks on raising the bar musically, the state of hip-hop & it's fans, what would happen is the Triangle Effect got a record deal, who he would wanna collab with, his sneaker collection, his 5 favorite sneakers of all time, & last words for the fans)
-Triangle Effect: Never Change


dawuanw said...

Man the first episode is hot man. The intro joint, Hero, and Put In Work is mean. Man I gotta hurry and get something done with my girls so you can hook me up with a spin.

Anonymous said...

This business of your hands!

Anonymous said...

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