Thursday, June 18, 2009

Craig vs Deebo
6:38 PM

Craig vs Deebo

the infamous fight from a classic movie. and how does this conflict still speak to us today...

Deebo (or Zeus as I knew him, step your WWF up) went around the neighborhood looking for trouble. Using whoever & whatever to accomplish his own agenda. And anyone who didn't fall in line got hands put on them. A good percentage of us are more so like the Redd's, real loud when everything is good, but timid, weak & scared once the enemy approaches. Even submitting ourselves when put on the spot.

there's another percentage of us that resemble Craig...Craig at that very moment had been pushed to his limit. He decided that Deebo had crossed the line & wanted to do something about it. Initially he stood up to Deebo, only to be beat down & seemingly put in his place.

Here's the turning point for a lot of us. Once we get slumped over that car, we quit. It's over. We're done. White flag


We lash out...that gun was a quick fix, a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Long term effects; jail. Short term effects; Deebo goes away. At that moment I bet Craig didn't even care what was gonna happen after he pulled the trigger. He tried to fight back the honest way & it didn't work. So instead he chose to do what he knew worked, whether it was the right or wrong thing didn't matter.

There was that small still voice that began to speak to him. Strong enough not to convict, but convicting enough to pierce the eardrum & the heart. "You know better than that. Do it the right way"...I'm sure Craig heard him, but was he trying to listen??

And that's where I am right now...