Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter featured at
4:19 PM

Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter featured at

The 1st single from Snooze Button II is being featured on one of the largest online platforms for Christian hip-hop!!!! put up "Beautiful Ashes" featuring my mans & em J Carter this afternoon & I'm geeked!!! I love how God always sends you reminders like "I got this, I'm still in control & I've still called you to do this". So I'm humbled & appreciative, as much as I can be.

So to all the new fans that may be reading this here's a quick introduction

My name is Armond
I'm 25 years old
I'm a father of two
And I refuse to let you label me

Some of the things I say may have you looking like:


But I'm positive more than anything else you'll hear my heart & see past the "words" to grab hold to the intention of the message I'm conveying.

I have an album "Dreaming Out Loud" that you can purchase here
<a href="">Dreaming Out Loud by Armond</a>

I also have a mixtape I just dropped Memorial Day weekend entitled "Snooze Button II" that you can grab here
<a href="">Intro by Armond</a>

Finally I did a project called "The Nina Mosley Experience" that you can download here
<a href="">Persistence by Armond</a>

Look to the left & you can hit me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, even add me on myspace if you still do that sort of thing.