Monday, June 7, 2010

1st Review Of Snooze Button II
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1st Review Of Snooze Button II

I got my 1st review for Snooze Button II late last night & I'm floored. Granted the writer is a very good friend of mine, but it means absolutely NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. The way we began our friendship was basically "guns blazing". You're doing this wrong & I'm doing this wrong. Normally, correction in friendships happens much later (if at all), but I knew her for maybe 2 weeks & we immediately began plucking each other. It was a welcomed change to the surface relationships we're all so very used to. So by no means am I expecting a "scratch my back & I'll scratch yours" anything from her.

She's a writer (a very good one at that) & she decided to take it upon herself to review my latest mixtape. Like at hear it, here it go...

Visit Pink Complexity In The City
When I first heard of Armond It was January and I was home sick. He sent me a link to his music, I was in bed trying to muster strength to get up; I couldn’t play it from my iPhone…and I almost didn’t get out of my bed to go to my Mac and listen to him. I’m glad I did. After I heard “Scared of Me” and “Rearview” I told him Scared of Me was dope and I liked his art of storytelling. He replied “That ain't storytelling, that all happened to me”. You have my attention.

Every time he posted something I listened. Not listened to say I heard it but I LISTENED. I felt like I was on my “kick in the door” phase… “Took home ready to die, listened, studied it.”

He is ridiculously dope lyrically. I can say I have never heard anything like him. And why? Because THIS is his ministry. Word son? You rap for Jesus? But don’t put him in the “Christian Rapper” box just yet. It’s not that simple. It never is. He IS NOT a Christian Rapper. He pours his heart out on the paper, God as his pen and his life the words. He is the embodiment of a life poured out. Though you can hear his relationship with God in his music, if you listen you see the man too. And after all a real minister can show you them and lead you to Christ at the same time. He isn’t one sided, he won’t bore you with “Yea God’s” and “Robbo Sha Tah’s”. To put it simply, he is Dope and God uses him.

I see the #nowplaying RT’s on twitter, but I always wonder if people are really listening to him or do they just hear the dope beat and let a catchy line soak in to spit back at him. Human that I am I riddle myself with “who is he like lyrically; who does he remind me of?” Not his writing. And every time I listen to his music it reaffirms his gift. The man has skills. Indubitably. I’d put my money on him in a cipher any day son! *Insert Kevin Heart clap with each word*But have you ever listened to someone and FELT everything that they were saying, When they where joyous, you heard joy, When they were in pain you felt it. The ability to change the atmosphere with your words…Not to sound spooky but there is a magic to that. I’ve heard it before. Marvin Gaye. That ability to touch God and touch people. It is a musical gift that all musicians covet. And Armond has it in spades.

I have followed him from leaks to Dreaming Out Loud (if you haven’t got your copy get one, it will change your life) and now to Snooze Button II (a mixtape). He keeps getting better. A 13 track (actually 14, he dropped Illuminati last night) mixtape, Armond shows off lyrically yet again. He makes it look easy because it is to him. He uses Drake beats a lot but I won’t judge because after I hear him, when I listen to Drake I’m like “mehhh… Armond did it better”. It’s hard to pick a favorite on Snooze Button II because he left it all on the court with this one. From beats to lyrics he BODIED this. It is arguably one of the best downloads to me this summer and I know this because I kept every track on my iPod. And if you know me you know I am picky with my IPod space…I only have 16GB…

<a href="">Crashing Down by Armond</a>
· Crashing Down - is NUTS. He took N.E.R.D’s Sooner or later and transformed it into WHOA.

<a href="">Cross Colors, Starter Jackets &amp British Knights by Armond</a>
· Cross Color, Starter Jackets and British Knight’s - I’m particularly partial to because He KO’d Eric B & Rakim’s “know the ledge” beat. I am a respecter of Hip Hop and everyone cant hop on every beat. Know the ledge if you don’t hold your own you get lost in the cut, he held his own.

<a href="">Open Gym feat Rich Tunes by Armond</a>
· Open Gym ft. Rich Tunes – crazy. Rich Tunes is bananas and I hope he isn’t mad but his voice reminds me of Jadakiss and he is a witty lyricist. Him and Armond together was perfection.

I could go on and on about Snooze Button II but I don’t need anyone cueing Thugnificent’s “D^ck Riding” song. Besides, I’d rather you download it yourself and weigh in. It’s a pay what you want download that is worth $999.99. Its black Music Month and I’m not trying to stroke anyone’s ego, but I want to give Props where props are due. Armond is a force to be reckoned with. His ear is on the past and his lyrics are out of this world. He is doing things that will surely change Hip hop as we know it.

“Funny how God blesses you even more hilarious is what we don’t let Him do…” – Armond

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