Friday, May 28, 2010

*NEW MIXTAPE* Armond- Snooze Button II presented by
10:20 AM

*NEW MIXTAPE* Armond- Snooze Button II presented by

Artwork by Ian Young, visit

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<a href="">Intro by Armond</a>

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1. Intro
2. Airplanes
3. Cuba Gooding Sr
4. Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter
5. Window Seat
6. Kiss The Sky
7. Just Begun
8. Open Gym feat Rich Tunes
9. MC Fisticuffs
10. Cool Dr Money feat L-Win
11. Cross Colors, Starter Jackets & British Knights
12. Crashing Down
13. Rearview (Dreaming Out Loud bonus)

Snooze Button II is your alarm clock. You hit the snooze, you get 15 minutes of rest. You're sleep but you're really not sleep, nodding in & out, letting the sun hit your face. And then you snap up & start your day.

From 2007-2010 I hadn't wrote much of any music. And for somebody that writes everyday, that was incredibly difficult. But it was almost like a beaver dam inside of me that got punctured & suddenly things pour out, and continue to pour out.

Normally after I do a project, I take a few months off from writing, thinking, conceptualizing & give my brain a break. But after Dreaming Out Loud, things kept coming to me. It felt like 2002 when I could only write 60 bar verses & my hooks were terrible. So I decided to take it back.

The mixtape has become the "poor rapper's album" now. I remember when the mixtape was take a bunch of beats & go off & that's exactly what I did. No underlying theme, if anything a simple introduction to some & "a hey how ya been" Facebook message to others.

And with that, I give you...Snooze Button II.