Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wake Up 2
5:32 PM

Wake Up 2

aiiiiiight, i'ma be IS the Lord's day (well everyday is, but still). but in order for you to get ready for Wake Up 3, you gotta hear Wake Up 2, right??? here you go...

if you want an actual CD copy, hit me up & let me know, I'll send it to you

1st off, go to & download WinRAR if you haven't gotten it already, it'll help you unzip the mp3s

Wake Up 2

Download Link Is Here

1. Intro
2. Wake Up (spoken word performed by Quote)
3. Hard To Believe (produced by L-Win)
4. Closer pt 2
5. Wake Up (produced by Sandman)
6. Good Morning featuring L-Win
7. Ask About Me (produced by Sandman)
8. Be Yourself (Interlude)
9. Away Too Long (produced by Sandman)
10. You Don't Know My Name (act one)
11. Say What (Triangle Effect Anthem) featuring Ca$h, Quote, H $ Bagz, & Will
12. Take A Ride pt 2 (act one) (produced by Doc)
13. Ashtray featuring Sandman & L-Win (produced by Sandman)
14. Out My Face/Be Too Soon/Foolish (act three) (produced by J Dilla, 9th Wonder & Sandman) (edited version also included in folder)
15. Waiting For You (produced by Doc)
16. Good Days featuring Darien Brockington
17. The Drought (produced by Doc)
18. Nobody Knows (produced by Doc)
19. You Will Never Know featuring K. Wilder
20. Living In Pain featuring Ca$h
21. Can't Go On This Way featuring Ca$h
22. Walk Alone
23. Beautiful
24. God In My Life

all music is copyrighted & for promotional use only (so don't try it son!!!)