Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter
3:59 PM

Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter

1st single from my upcoming mixtape "Snooze Button II" entitled "Beautiful Ashes" featuring my mans & em J Carter.

Cool story bro: While Pizzie & I were recording "Insomia" (our producer/rapper album we did in one week), I met his artist J Carter. Chopped it up for a little bit, asked him to get on the hook to this track & he agreed. I honestly had NO idea just how talented the brother was. Beautiful Ashes was merely a good idea in my head & wasn't quite sure what he'd do with it. He grabbed a notebook, hummed a little bit & 15 minutes later he had a hook AND a bridge. Laid down his parts in about an hour, at 5am, while everybody else slept (I was sleeping like a Conehead, literally lol). Dude is incredible & I look forward to seeing what he's going to do with some incredible doors that have recently opened for him.

Now to the music...

<a href="">Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter by Armond</a>

here's a youtube just in case you're into that sorta thing

SNOOZE BUTTON II: May 28th!!! &