Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Juno pt 2
6:12 PM

Juno pt 2

I guess I didn't explain myself clear enough. Reading back, I look more like a movie critic more than anything. But since I got a few emails from a few people that had a few issues about the Juno blog (read that blog below), lemme clear something up...

(Side note: I highly DOUBT those of you that hit me up read the blog. Cats just saw my "juno was a disaster" bulletin on myspace and the claws came out, I see you, goonie goo goos)

Teen pregnancy is a big issue here in this country. Its like a cycle and they push sex around here like candy (but you better not say anything bad about this country!!). I mean, they're building day cares in middle school.

Back in 7th grade (which was 10 yrs ago *shudders*) I had maybe 2-3 friends that were sexually active. Only a few more than that got past 1st base. Nowadays?? Pffffft...I have 14 and 15 year old play cousins asking me about condoms. The piss??

So this movie Juno comes out, and it tackles a sensitive subject, an important subject, and my issue with it? They only showed one side. They made pregnancy seem like "not a big deal". No morning sickness, no backlash from her school/neighborhood (oooh they talked about her for one scene and the baby daddy aint wanna go to prom with her, big whoop). I had a friend that got pregnant her junior year that had to fight a girl IN CLASS cuz the students were dogging her so bad. AND she had to leave and be home schooled until the following year. I'd much rather miss a dance than have to put the beats to somebody and put my fetus in dangah...

Now I'm cool with the story (even tho it sucked), but if you're gonna tell a story, especially something that is such a sensitive issue, at least explain both sides, as opposed to the chick going "la la laaa I'm pregnant, here's my baby strange woman, and while you tend to her, I'm gonna run side game on your husband". I understand that some people handle things differently, but the entire story and premise was just so off the wall and unbelievable, I couldn't rock with it.

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Carre' said...


I didnt see anything wrong with first blog..

"Dont say anything bad about this country" haha

I wonder why sex isnt a topic brought during dinner, since "everybody is doing it."

Where are those 'Family Values'???

Funny how some of us Americans ignore the things that we are facing, just to save face.