Friday, March 28, 2008

Moving On Up!!!!
9:36 PM

Moving On Up!!!!

so i was bored, surfing myspace & i went to the music top artists section. i remember my boy/photographer Ben hit me up on my old myspace page back in 2006 & said i was one of the top hip hop artists. so every once in a while i'll check in & see if people are listening (curiosity)

and low & behold, I looked in the Christian category for the city I'm in & BAM

then I looked in the Soul category & BOOM

and finally I looked at the hip-hop charts

i'm excited, seeing as how #1 I just set this page up not even 3 months ago, only paying attention to it for 2, and only somewhat promoting it a few weeks ago. so praise God for opening up those ears...1400+ plays already??

this calls for a celebration...

just keep spreading the word for me, I love y'all for loving what I do...I promise to keep it up, big things in the works

radio spot
Triangle Effect podcast
Triangle Effect- Cause & Effect mixtape

and a whole HEAP of other goodies...