Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eardrum (Vol 1)
11:48 PM

Eardrum (Vol 1)

A lotta people know me for my ear of good music, so I figure I'll drop in err once in a while & drop the joints I'm listening to. Imeem FTW!!!!

Kidz In The Hall feat Talib Kweli & Bun B- Work To Do (Obama '08 Remix)

one of my favorite groups has hopped on the Obama train & used their talents & resources for good. This was already one of my favorite songs from them, but Bun & Kweli add meat to the bone...Yes We Can???

Joell Ortiz- Letter To Obama

self explanatory, acapella from my 2nd favorite Latin MC (Ca$h whuddup!!!!) Don't you feel the same way???

Mr. J. Medeiros- Constance

my favorite song of the moment...thanks to DJ Wade-O's Christian Hip-Hop Mixshow Podcasts I'm addicted to holy hip-hop, and this track leads the way...sick SICK song, find the vid on youtube...

Mr. J. Medeiros- Keep Pace

and now I wanna run 3 miles (I just watched Forrest Gump, pardon me)...

Mr. J. Medeiros feat Marty James- Half A Dream

ok ok, I'm done with dude...for now (pause)...

J.R.- God Of Peace

This song is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Not the biggest J.R. fan, so excuse me if I'm "late"...

Conviction- Just Breathe

more Christian hip-hop, when your flesh wants to hold onto whatever your spirit wants to give up, play this

Day 26- If It Wasn't For You

congrats to Diddy's boys for selling 200k+ their 1st week...since I'm feeling the whole CD, I'ma just post the obligatory Jesus song...

a couple tracks were hard to find (Braille- Blessed Man, Theory Hazit- Ghetto, Whuteva- Highway To Heaven)...I'll get em next time, just remind me

let me know if y'all enjoy this


Dawuan said...

These are ill, I got a chance to check them out. I got the Day26 joint and it's the most solid R&B joint I've heard in a while. Real singers and dope production, what more can u ask for?