Monday, March 24, 2008

The Disaster Known As "Juno"
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The Disaster Known As "Juno"

So now that the offspring is back with her mother, my wife & I finally have some time to be newlyweds.  In our pursuit of adjustment, we "dinner & a movie" it constantly, so since there's not a whole lot of new movies coming out that are worth $8, we're catching up (I still wanna see Horton, *shakes fist at my attention seeking daughter for making us leave early*).  The Oscars have hyped up There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, Atonement, and the movie we ended up seeing first, Juno…
What the piss was this??
Already as a young father I'm paranoid.  I cringe even when my baby dances to anything other than gospel & Effect music.  I'm already looking for guns online, waiting on the 1st stank booty lil boy to come to my door on some "I'm here to take your daughter out" steez…(YA LOOK THIRTY!!!)
So here I am, watching this movie about a girl that gets pregnant at the age of 16.  I already missed the 1st 10 minutes (boo-urns to wack base cops, I stopped at the stop sign!!  Stop using me as your entertainment), the popcorn was dry (SMH @ stingy base theatres, let me pour the butter on myself!!!), and my wife decided to get root beer, already my night is crappy.
Maybe 30 minutes into the movie she finally tells her parents.  She's been very nonchalant about this whole pregnancy thing so far (and continues to do so during the entire movie).  Are they trying to say her age makes her naïve to the severity of her situation???  Or because of the fact that she's a live action Daria, her sarcasm was supposed to be funny.  Either way, her parents don't even flinch.  They support her (which they should do), but there's no repercussions, her father just kinda sits there…is this white america??  Or is the ugly monster known as tolerance rearing its ugly face in our society…again.
THEN, aside from the crappy soundtrack (Big Daddy Kane's "How You Get A Record Deal was stuck in my head the entire movie, another reason why I couldn't enjoy myself) there's an underlying pedophile story between the adoptive father & Juno.  It ended up not serving a purpose, because, surprise…she gives them the baby anyway.  (No I didn't ruin the ending)
I just don't get it, for all the accolades it received; it was just a really BAD movie.  I know I'm riding the late bus, but if you haven't seen this movie, DON'T…
Side note: it started at 7, by the time we got out the theatre the sun was STILL out…
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Carre' said...
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Carre' said...


Personally, I though the movie had a comical sense to it however,
I see your points and they are very valid.

I saw it with my favorite guy, MY DAD, and he Honestly said a couple times, "I WISH MY DAUGHTER WOULD" (type response) to some of messages in the movie.

And personally, as young female, there were JUST somethings that I did find out of the norm, like as early as Me telling My Father I was pregnant, the movie would have just been different.

So Maybe, they do things different than we do.

I wouldn't say it was a diaster though, I mean look at everything else on the silver screen.

But Yeah,

Be Blessed.