Saturday, May 7, 2011

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day Two- Your Least Favorite Song
12:55 PM

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day Two- Your Least Favorite Song

side note: I encourage you all to participate with me, by all means leave your least favorite song in the comments.

Your Least Favorite Song: Vickie Winans- "Long As I Got King Jesus"

HATE this song....HATE HATE HATE HATE this song. It's so bitter. So seclusive...which to me is anti-everything that God represents. You don't need nobody else?? So Job didn't need his homeboys? So Moses didn't need Aaron? So Jesus didn't walk around with a crew of 12 people?? You just fine all by yourself right???

An enormous issue w/ the church is people who get hurt by people in the church & then reject the church (& God). It's even something that I've dealt with, BUT...if Christ called us to BE the church (not the building), and I am of Christ, I'm rejecting God & I may not even know it. I know how dirty, foul & filthy I am & can be...and that same filthiness is in everybody else (born in sin). So that doesn't give us the right to shun everybody because we were rubbed the wrong way, or because someone was dishonest. We've all been hurt, by friends, boy/girlfriends, spouses, even God has hurt us if we wanna keep it all the way real. But that's where grace, patience, mercy, etc come in to play, because otherwise we WOULD make everybody back back, gimmie 50 feet.

And this is why I hate this song. Plus add to the fact I don't like traditional gospel music, or praise breaks, & anything else inside those churchy walls. I'm good.