Friday, May 6, 2011

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day One- Your Favorite Song
2:57 PM

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day One- Your Favorite Song

Why am I hearing about a Facebook game on every social network EXCEPT Facebook? I saw the 30 day picture challenge a few months ago, but I rarely take pictures, and the rest of your run of the mill online games scream "hey look at me!!!" As much time as I spend online, I'm really a recluse disguised as a people person. BUT, here's a challenge I can do. Music in 30 days? Why not. Most of us music nerds have a "soundtrack of my life"; to condense that into 30 days should be super easy. Without further adeu, here is day one.

side note: I encourage you all to participate with me, by all means leave your favorite song in the comments.

Your Favorite Song- Sade- "Kiss Of Life"

If I can keep it real, this really isn't my FAVORITE favorite song, it's just the 1st song that pops in my head when people ask me what my favorite song is. Truth is, I have a LOT of favorite songs; based off genre, mood, season, etc. But overall, Ms. Adu has managed to stand the test of time. To me, this song embodies the essence of love; vulnerability, passion, submission, patience, & an overall level of schmoozery & googly butterflies. And this is why...


JShardae said...

1 song though? Only one song? *le sigh* ummmm.... Back to Life by Soul II Soul... The bass, the movement, the singing... Reading the lyrics it's amazing how submissive, open, and yet direct the song is... Nevertheless it brings me back to my happy place. Nostalgia of being in my dad's 4Runner jammin' like this is all life's about... I appreciate music that takes me to that place... :o)