Thursday, July 29, 2010

Armond 101: Who Or What Is An Armond?
11:41 AM

Armond 101: Who Or What Is An Armond?

More is never enough.

In 2010 I've been blessed with several opportunities to do what I love & have it reach thousands of people. I've traveled the world & rocked audiences of 7 & audiences of 2,000. When somebody asks "who or what is an Armond", I see there's so many directions to point them in. So what I've done is taken my accomplishments in this year alone & condensed them down into a neat little box for you to give to your friends. In the immortal words of Eddie Johnson from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: "it's the gift that keeps on givin' Clark..."


Dreaming Out Loud

<a href="">Dreaming Out Loud by Armond</a>
Dreaming Out Loud was my album that was released on February 9th, 2010. The album itself took 3 years to write & complete. I recorded well over 100 tracks for it.

The Nina Mosley Experience (mixtape)

<a href="">Persistence by Armond</a>
5 days after dropping my album, I released a mixtape "The Nina Mosley Experience" based off the classic movie "Love Jones". I'm a sap & I love the idea of love & what it represents. The mixtape ran side by side with the movie's view of an imperfect love; it's ups, it's downs, highs & lows.

Snooze Button II (Mixtape)

<a href="">Intro by Armond</a>
Snooze Button II was released Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to do a classic mixtape; raw beats, raw rhymes. Short, sweet & to the point. Not to mention the mixtape has circulated to countries such as Germany, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, & Iraq.


"I Have A Dream"-
We talked about picky beats, the correlation between the church & hip-hop, & the ups & downs of the independent aspect of the music industry.

01 Armond- The Wiretap (Episode 1) by thedeaconsmusic
The inagural episode of The Wiretap. Very detailed & eye opening, we talked for nearly 2 hours. We spoke on witchcraft, the illuminati, divorce, the club, insecure rappers...really great listen. Enjoyed doing this interview.

"A Father's Story"- Pink Complexity In The City
For fathers day I interviewed different types of dads in our society. However, I allowed @BriteComplexity (who is one of my favorite bloggers) inside of my life as a father. We spoke on what makes a man, how I grade myself as a father, long distance parenting, bitter single mothers & the seemingly permanent black eye men have received from our culture.

Must Listen To

Airplanes (from Snooze Button II)

<a href="">Airplanes by Armond</a>

Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter (from Snooze Button II)

<a href="">Beautiful Ashes feat J Carter by Armond</a>

Rearview/Dashboard (from Dreaming Out Loud)

<a href="">Rearview/Dashboard (produced by Doc for Rough Draft Ent) by Armond</a>

Scared Of Me (from Dreaming Out Loud)

<a href="">Scared Of Me by Armond</a>

There Goes My Baby (Remix) feat Usher

<a href="">There Goes My Baby (Remix) feat Usher by Armond</a>


Review of Dreaming Out Loud by (Four out of Five stars)

Review of Snooze Button II by Pink Complexity In The City (shoutout Jai Jai aka Brite Complexity)

Pump It Or Dump It- "Rearview/Dashboard" by Writers Block Media (shoutout Randy Roper of O-Zone magazine)

"Come Back pt 2 (The Road Trip)" featured on compilation "Suggested Listening" shoutout Flex & L-Win features "Beautiful Ashes" feat J. Carter" (shoutout DJ Will from Jacksonville)

"Beautiful Ashes" featured on an episode of the Chill Vibe Experience. CVE has previously featured artists such as Amel Larrieux, The Roots, & Brand New Heavies

Interview with TUC Radio. I was there to promote Dreaming Out Loud & discuss the state of hip-hop & the church. The show went so well, I ended up becoming a permanent co-host. Since then, we've launched to a live webshow, broadcasting every Sunday @ 7pm EST. We tackle issues such as homosexuality in the church, masturbation, relationships, & healthy living.

Guest appearance on That's Right with Nikki Ransom. Myself & Unique Soul tackled the topic of "What Do Men Want In A Woman".

Rock The Dub features Armond (shoutout Khal)

the9elements features Armond (shoutout DJ Koast & I.G.O.D.)

Mostly Junk Food features Armond (shoutout Mostly Junk Food)


In May, I was hired on as a freelance writer for Joy 106.3FM & Power 107.5FM, two of the biggest radio stations in Columbus, OH. Here are a few of the articles & interviews I've done.

B Moses
DeCarlos "Cos" Waller
Soul Sessions

Father's Week- For Father's Day I interviewed & shined the spotlight on different types of fathers in today's society; the young father, the single father, the single mother, & the stepfather.