Monday, February 4, 2013

Armond - Ketchup, Too (mixed & hosted by DJ O Sharp)
11:59 PM

Armond - Ketchup, Too (mixed & hosted by DJ O Sharp)

it's here...thank you guys for all of your support & patience during this last year.

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Ketchup, Too is a collection of some of Armond's music from his extensive discography released from Feb 2010-Dec 2011. Also included with new, unreleased material. Mixed & hosted by DJ O-Sharp.

Side A
1. The Hiatus (Interlude)
2. Side A Intro (produced by Doc)
3. Questions & Answers
4. Forever Right Here
5. Speakers On Blast feat Flex
6. Chevy Impala Music III
7. When Your World Crashes (Interlude)
8. Dreaming pt 2 (produced by Pizzie)
9. Scared Of Me
10. Have It All feat Indefinite (Exclusive)
11. So Help Me God (Exclusive)
12. Feeling Myself (Interlude)

Side B
1. Side B Intro
2. Record Pools (Exclusive)
3. Stranger
4. Cuba Gooding Sr
5. Hell On Earth 2K13 feat Raging Moses (Exclusive)
6. A Different World feat Yaves
7. Chevy Impala Music II feat J. Carter
8. Rappity Rap (Interlude)
9. A Tribute To DJ Gee-Q (produced by Doc) (Exclusive)
10. One Accord DJs Freestyle (Exclusive)
11. June 30th, 2012 1:32pm (Exclusive)
12. Blood Of God
13. What Is Kairos? (Interlude)


Samuel Tucker said...

The best part of Ketchup Too? was the new exclusive tracks with a few throwback gems. I've followed your music since the first Ketchup, so I've heard all the rest of the songs, but it was nice hearing Q&A, Stranger, and Blood of God again. It got me hyped for your songs all over again. I actually didn't remember Scared of Me from my first listen of Dreaming Out Loud, and went back to download it! The WORST part of Ketchup Too? IMO was the DJ talkin all over everything. That's just personal; I like my music with old-school beats, real talk lyrics, and NO DJ (most of the time) so I can enjoy the music to the fullest.
Overall, great mixtape, thx for the music, and thx for the free option! ;P