Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Armond Interviews with The Ham Sandwich Show & Ashleigh Davids
12:43 PM

Armond Interviews with The Ham Sandwich Show & Ashleigh Davids

i hope you guys are beginning to enjoy & ingest Ketchup, Too. To get a deeper understanding of the overall theme of the mixtape, as well as it's relation to Kairos (among other things), I had the opportunity to sit down & chat (by sit down, I mean log into google & by chat, I mean email) with DJ Cool Waters of The Ham Sandwich Show & Ashleigh Davids, a budding journalist. Let's break these down real quick

One interview, Sixteen Questions (The Ham Sandwich Show)
Really dope Q&A, where Cool Waters & I talk baseball, Kairos, Kool Moe Dee & the Fat Boys, my 1st Kangol, & a bunch of randamery. Cool Waters is heading up revamping The Ham Sandwich Show's website (and their podcast is phenomenal, subscribe here if you haven't); he's already off to a great start with Sketch the Journalist, which is a super dope read in itself.

Peace, Excellence & some Ketchup, Too by Ashleigh Davids
This interview was extremely interesting. Ashleigh asked me back in I wanna say October for an interview to talk about Kairos, well things changed & we ended up talking about Ketchup, Too. She asked some really TOUGH questions, questions I'm not at all used to answering. But she did a fantastic job & this article is amazing.

And if you don't have Ketchup, can get it from Noisetrade & Bandcamp