Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm On Vacation
12:36 PM

I'm On Vacation

obviously by the lack of updates & my overall unavailability, I've been BUSY!!!! working, wrapping up my military stuff, picking up my child, driving 4 days from WA to OH, 3 flat tires, getting a new job, and dealing with everything the devil pulls (along with everybody that allows themselves to be used by him), I'm worn out. waves on frizz, scruffy beard, i'm chillin...

this is how i've spent my last 3 weeks:

Nintendo Wii
Olympics (basketball, T&F...Phelps?? not so much)
potty training my child
figuring out Twitter

I expect these things to be risned & repeated for the next music, I'm taking a break, but I am accepting beats,