Monday, August 4, 2008

Review of New Destiny Show (8/3/08)
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Review of New Destiny Show (8/3/08)

*rewinds to 3 weeks ago*

Me & the Mrs are sitting in Sunday service minding our bidness & praising the Lawd. 1st Lady randomly asks if anybody has a song in their heart for God & would they like to share it. My wife, being more bold than me grabs my hand & raises it, along with a few other people from the congregation that pointed in my direction. I wasn't ready, nor did I have a desire to do anything musical. But I can pull up several instances of Biblical figures that didn't wanna do anything. So I got up

Uhhhh...errrrrr...ummmmmm...I did "Dreamin"...why Dreamin?? Cuz the 2nd verse I can recite from memory without having to give it any thought at all. I had grown acustom to just listening to my own music for entertainment, not to memorize verses for battle, ciphers & shows. So a lot, OK all, of my newer tracks I don't have 100% embedded in my skull...

"...cuz he taught me one thing...uhhhh...awwww man I forgot"

*watches as his wife hits her forehead with her palm*

*feels like less of a man*

I think the unexpectedness completely caught me off guard. And I used to live for stuff like that. I know for a fact that God used that to humble me, cuz sometimes I like to smell myself, and I smell the booth. Wife says that she knows pastor saw something in me regardless, even though I felt like the worst.

*Friday afternoon*

My pastor left me a note asking if I wanted to perform at Sunday service. He said the Lord "put my music on his heart", and I know that was God cuz he aint even know that I did music. But I prayed about it & instead of moving on it, I waited on God. He provided but I felt like He wouldve blessed it if I wouldve moved on it earlier.

*Sunday afternoon*

My church went to 2 services this week, 10am & noon. So I performed "Keep Going" @ 10 & "Put In Work" @ noon. I'm not gon get into all the details, but I will say the church liked both songs. And they kept saying

"I need that in the car"
"There IS Christian rap that sounds good"

I heard a bunch of stories of parents trying to find clean rap for their kids & the kids didn't like it, and in a few cases, neither did the parents. And they wanted CDs of mine to give to them to escape from the radio & TV. Then I had adults tell me they only listen to the radio cuz it aint nothing else to listen to. (Will blog on that later)

"Hand em 2.5 right??"

WRONG...I told God a while back I was tired of giving that CD to people. That music doesn't reflect my current walk AT ALL. I feel like I'm a few steps ahead. Its pretty much a secular CD with sprinkles of Christ. So...God says,

"Put out another CD"

I'm thinking "what about a title? A theme? A concept? You want me to just throw a bunch of songs on a CD & hand it out??"

And He said "you have them already"

So later that day I drove around & played my Triangle Effect folder on the ipod...oh crap, I DO have enough music for a mixtape. And even better, later on when I threw all my current tracks in winamp, I had almost 2 hours worth of music. I have to CUT some songs!!!!!

That means, a whole new mixtape in about a month, I have to finish some songs before tomorrow (my last day in the studio) and pray God does the rest (title, tracklist, etc). So now I need addresses all over again & the whole nine...playa

*leans on lexus*
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