Saturday, August 2, 2008

You Don't Know Me
5:16 PM

You Don't Know Me

I've had like 4 separate myspace pages, no joke. The 1st one was back in 2005, back when I was still epideMIC (the potty mouth, sarcastic, witty, prideful, lust filled version, not the "fork in the road" guy most of you met during Wake Up 2/Ventilation). This is right around the time I had gotten saved, but I still wasn't living right. The Sunday Christian. Not really because I didn't want to do right, I just had no clue about the Christian lifestyle.

Anyway, I had the little Bible quotes on the page, but my music was still sex, money, and me. So I was unknowingly steering people wrong. I used to be the main one telling errbody to go to church, and I was doing bad just like them.

This is why I believe in reason, season, and lifetime relationships. Everybody and everything that enters your life has a reason and purpose. So this one guy messages me. No clue what his name is, I just know he was a Christian MC from Denver & he was a white guy. So he hits me up and pretty much tells me about myself. About my double mindedness, how useless my actions were, and the damage they caused to those that didn't know the Truth.

I remember not writing him back, but I know initially I was so mad, like "who is this dude and who is he to tell me about my life, he don't know me!!!" But later I realized...

He was right...and even worse, we hate being told about ourselves, especially when its the truth.

See, we know right from wrong. Our mind is good, but the heart is wicked. Meaning the heart can convince our minds whatever it wants. And I know the cats that say they love God but are still out in the world know that its wrong. But we like to convince ourselves that our dirt isn't really dirt at all, and that God loves us anyhow.

Which He does, BUT...He's not big fans of your actions. But because our hearts are so intent on doing what it wants to do, it raises up pride and hardens itself whenever He sends someone to inform you of your errors.

*dumb it down*

Basically, if somebody tells you about yourself (and its right) thank them. Cuz nobody knows you better than you. And turn away from what you've convinced yourself to be true, cuz it aint.

Oh yeah, a month after dude sent me the message, I didn't heed to his warning, and my myspace was "reported" and deleted...God don't play
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