Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dear Diary #2
4:54 PM

Dear Diary #2

*my dark distant, "he's thinking about something mysterious" flick*

*random thoughts as I sit in this boring nail salon waiting on the Mrs. to get her hair did*

-1st off how bored do I need to be to sit in a nail salon and blog???

-EVERYTHING on the radio sounds the same. I've heard Bust It Baby & A Millie more times than I wouldve liked...somebody quick!!! Play something relevant!!! Anybody?? Anybody?? Something without 808s, a synth, autotune (that thing that apparently gives Wayne and Testicular Pain "talent"), and a hook about getting money.

-now I lightweight regret laying something down on A Millie...I did kill that though.

-who is getting all this money in a recession?? Charles Gibson or DJ Khaled?!?! Who to believe?!?! Ahhhhh!!!!!

-theres a girl in here that apparently decided to throw on some makeup cuz me and another guy are in here. I'm reading blogs and he's listening to Nas...I'm pretty sure we're both too preoccupied to notice. Plus she has her hair up in the air, a lazy dress and some lazy flip flops...the only woman I wanna see like that has my ring on.

-turn off #56852246...women constantly on their phone. Now I see why the Mrs. is always on me about being on the BB all the looks bad. I be conducting bidness on mine can't do nothing important on no flip phone

-a good friend of mine lost her mother yesterday. Another friend of mine has a sick mother. Its crazy to see how different their reactions are. The former is excited cuz she knows her mom is with the Lord. The other is scared cuz she doesn't wanna lose her mom. I mean, I understand, but Earth is mad temporary, shoot let one of my people (that's doing right) die, I will be throwing a Coming Home Party, for real.

-one more week!!! Episode 3 of EffecTV recorded Fri 8th through Sun the 10th...that's prolly gonna be the busiest weekend of my civilian life. 16 hour drive from Washington to Colorado. Daughter's 3rd bday party. Poetry night. All day studio. Another 18 hour drive to Ohio. Stay tuned, eyes open.

-if somebody asks you to see Lars & The Real Girl, bust through the wall like Wile E. Coyote. Joint was terrible...same goes for Semi-Pro. I rented Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black & Mos Def, hopefully that goes better...still nothing has been as bad as Juno

-apparently I ruffled a few feathers from my Obama blog, exactly the reaction I expected. Unfortunately, I didn't get as many (logical) rebuttals as I wouldve liked. Again, there's holes in his campaign and his followers, and no I won't vote for him cuz he's black and not vote for McCain cuz he's old & boring. I'm young & boring so what should that tell you??
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