Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ricky Gentile- Rough Transition Mixtape Review
6:25 PM

Ricky Gentile- Rough Transition Mixtape Review

I had the privilege of working with The Artist Formerly Known As Siege a few years ago. I still remember the day I met the dude, he was putting together a showcase of all the hottest artists in Japan & invited the Effect to come out. One thing that stuck out about him was his drive. Siege was THEE definition of grind. He was always somewhere doing something with his music. We were always cordial, but never all that close. When I left Japan, I lost contact with him, until maybe around Christmas 2007 (maybe earlier). I was browsing myspace pages & happened to go on his.

I was floored.

Dude was spitting for Christ (Living Witness was the song I 1st heard). I remember getting so inspired by his new spirit that I wrote something myself (and y'all know don't no rappers do nothing for me). So I hit him up & we chopped it up, he offered his testimony & immediately I saw a true desire for the Lord. A few months later, he drops his mixtape Rough Transition.

He calls it Rough Transition because #1 he accepted Christ & in the process he killed his alter ego. Siege, now going by Ricky Gentile, always had a knack for knowing his own lane. And a lot of rappers can rap, but they don't know how to translate that into their own brand. Ricky can rip a mic AND has a very impressive song writing game. I had a copy of his secular album & wasn't too crazy about it. He was talented, but it was obvious he was catering to the clubs & all that. I always had this feeling there was something better inside of him that he was holding back. And the Lord definitely brought that out on this mixtape.

This mixtape is definitely "riding music". I threw this on the ipod & let it play. The standouts are "Reppin' The King", "Welcome Back", "Kingdom Come" (my favorite) "Held Accountable", & "Take A Second".

I'm not gonna sit here & tell you WHY it's a dope CD. With secular hip-hop getting worse by the day (creatively & in every other aspect), I feel like Christ is getting ready to rise up holy hip-hop into the mainstream. Stream this through soundclick, download it, hit him on myspace, thank Him & thank Ricky. No longer do you have to sacrifice the message for music.

Listen to Ricky Gentile- Rough Transition

Download Rough Transition
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