Thursday, September 4, 2008

Live Blog: McCain's Speech
11:22 PM

Live Blog: McCain's Speech

MSNBC was clowning!!! Did anybody see this??? The reporter was swarmed with balloons. Somebody called them "balloon wielding thugs", I was dying...ANYWAY, back to your regularly scheduled program

Notes so far (20 mins late): the video was meh, Obama's was better. SMH @ the protestor, look @ this crowd son...old white people & their children, I see he took the high road when he 1st mentioned Obama. I'm sure shots will be fired as we proceed

10:23- why people gotta show out? I aint see this happen @ the DNC. That's the 3rd protestor in 15 mins. You didn't even get your point across. How you let a person 3 times your age manhandle & throw you out?? And the crowd aint helping...let the man speak & shaddup...

10:27- people make signs for presidential conventions?? This aint monday night raw...

10:28- I like how both candidates mention change. Barack making that an issue & the country falling behind that was definitely a wake up call to DC. "I don't work for a party, I work for you"...ok who is you?? Has anybody seen McCain in the hood??

10:34- newsflash...not everybody that joins the military loves america. Just a quick fyi for yall. Wait, I was scratching my ear, did he say Reagan?? He just lost the entire black vote in 15 seconds...

10:38- I gotta research this tax deal. I keep hearing that Obama gon take errbody's money...LOL @ the boos, they sound fake. Outsourcing is a HUGE issue, when I bought my furniture, I called an 800 number to pay it off & had to talk to a middle eastern man. They aren't the easiest to work with (pause), no racism

10:41- again, the same issues I had with Obama's speech...HOW are you gonna do all this?? This reminds me of a student body president pizzas for lunch if I'm elected!!! "Education is the civil rights issue of this century"...I can see that. But didn't yall re-position barriers so that inner city kids (aka minorities) were forced to stay out of good schools (in white neighborhoods). Now you wanna switch it up??

10:44- stop sending money to countries that don't like us...bout time. I remember when I was told that after wars we give these countries money to clean up after we've destroyed them. Who does that make sense to??

10:55- the last 10 minutes reeks of Joell Osteen...and I've only seen 2 black people in the audience. Oh wait, #3, your uncle got on the cocaine white cap...shouldve left the tag on it to show cats how fresh off the rack it is

10:58- smh @ the "hero" chant...dude shouldve came out to Nas, that wouldve been hilarious. Obviously by my random chatter, he's lost me. I get it, you're a hero, you were a POW. I tip my hat, but I need to hear your policies & your beliefs. I'm good off the war stories

11:03- oh I get it...this was just a glorified pep rally. My bad for expecting them to sell their mission to the entire country & not themselves.

SMH @ his theme song...

Ok so my overall thoughts. Meh...he did aight. He did make some valid points & made a good argument about his experience. I also like how he spit sublimes @ the Bush regime & how he separated himself from that. He knows a lot of cats think of him as Bush pt 3. He's gotta create his own lane, void of everything typically Republican. Did he say "Palin worked with her hands & nose??" Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Leave it up to Olberman to point that out.

Whoever takes office next, I got a 3 year old. And I need to know if her college fund will be put to good use. Will our country be in good enough shape to where she can stay in the US & get a good job?? We are such a right now nation, we need to start establishing stuff for the next generation, otherwise we'll end up like the church (ill blog on that later)
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