Friday, June 6, 2008

RIP My Ipod
8:00 PM

RIP My Ipod

I'm hating on this guy simply for his prepardness

So it happened. My ipod finally went out on me. And it wasn't Steve Jobs' fault. I was cleaning my bathroom, rocking some shorts that don't have pockets (stupid intumural basketball rules) so I had my baby in the lining of the shorts. I do it all the time. So as I lean over to clean the mirror, it slips out of my shorts & into the toilet


I immediately grabbed for it & cleaned it off. Shook it & everything & left it alone, it still seemed fine. HOWEVER, it was still on. Doing my research on what to do (the next day) I found out that I should've waited 48 hours AND turned it off. What an idiot I am. I put it inside a folded blanket & left it alone.

2 days later, all I get is the Apple logo. I think the dream is over. I began to reminisce about the times we shared.

  • How I ran up on Ca$h the day I got it & showed him Jay's "Show Me What You Got" video (which dropped the same day).
  • How I got yelled at by a MSgt the same night for walking around listening to it in uniform.
  • How when I went to Florida with my wife & her family & it got me through a 2 day drive when all they had to listen to was a gospel CD, a best of Stevie Wonder (full of Little Stevie Wonder; Innervisions/Talking Book/Music Of My Mind Stevie was NOT on this collection) & The Diary of Alicia Keys.

    How I miss you...moment of silence

    *plays Nas- Just A Moment in it's memory*

    Just A Moment (Instrumental - Nas

    *holds up Blackberry as a lighter substitute*

    so now what?? I have 3 choices.

    1. Fill my Blackberry up with music...not so much. I only have 2 gigs of memory on it & there's really no need to fill that up when 4.5 is about to drop & I'll be needing that space for EffecTV, plus its not the same. I hate when it cuts out for a phone calll (one more reason for me not to answer my phone)

    2. Buy another ipod...this is looking like the best choice. Amazon has the new 80 gigs for $188-$240, which I can kinda afford, but kinda not. But an ipod is a necessity, like groceries...see how much we've relied on technology?? it's scary...

    3. Buy a Zune...which i'm getting mixed reviews on, I hear they break easy and I hear they're great. I dig the larger screen & I can't stand itunes, it freezes up my computer. Plus Zune has that $15/unlimited downloads thingy, and since I don't download albums illegally anymore, that would be a great way for me to rebuild my music collection.

    Either way I'm dying without music, I used to be like Cleo from Set It Off, not going anywhere until I had the right track to put the Impala in reverse to. Send donations to the "Armond needs some music fund" to


dawuanw said...

Stick with the ipod, they ipod is just looks better. I'm not a fan of itunes, but I'm not a fan of WMA either. I'ma go for a ipod endorsment with this track I made for my guy anyway so if things go well I'll hook you up with a free one. I'm goin for a endorsement with Zune too so I might be able to hook up both.