Friday, June 6, 2008

Two More Reasons To Hop On The Blackberry Bandwagon
7:51 PM

Two More Reasons To Hop On The Blackberry Bandwagon

ever since I got my Blackberry Curve back in Sept 07, I've been a fiend. I'm always playing with it way more than I talk on it. It's beautiful. It's pretty much a computer in my pocket. I even blog on here from it. Now, they're updating the OS (operating system) to 4.5, for fellow fiends you already know how highly anticipated this update is. I heard it's supposed to be dropping at the end of June, but ain't no telling. I read Sickamore's blog & he's thinking about getting rid of his. Proposterous I say. Who wants flip phone?? T9?? The heck is that?? I don't need no help texting, you don't know what I wanna say before I finish saying it, my wife doesn't even have that gift (yet). So of course youtube to the rescue, here's a video of what the new system does

Bonus: the new Blackberry Bold (or 9000) is dropping on Cingular/AT&T pretty soon & here's a video of that. Shouts to, you get me through my days at work!!!