Tuesday, January 29, 2013

*BUY* Kezia The Poet - Something To Say
9:35 AM

*BUY* Kezia The Poet - Something To Say

I first met Kezia through a mutual friend back in...I wanna say 2006. The MySpace days. She was pressing up shirts & I bought one from her that said "Prove Society Wrong" (I need that again in a 'Large' btw) I'm not sure when I found out she was a poet, but when I did? Son. She was amazing. She was peculiar; as she would attack pressing, "taboo" issues (taboo shouldn't exist in the Kingdom, BUT here we are. That's another conversation though) but she had a very soothing delivery. It was like your best friend telling you bad news. It was horrible but she used the right words & right tone & that, to a degree, overshadowed the actual news.

So today, Kezia releases "Something To Say", her 2nd album. I've already copped & am listening as we speak. So far it's good. It's really good. Her & I even get on a record called "Fear" (thanks for your patience Kezia, lol) & I highly suggest you support her. She's dope, & more importantly, you're sowing into good ground. Check keziathepoet.net for more information

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