Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Right Love, Wrong One: Tell Your Story
12:20 PM

Right Love, Wrong One: Tell Your Story

Have you ever wanted someone so bad? You begged, pleaded, prayed, maybe even stalked this person (on the low...or not so much)? Only to find out they weren't all they were cracked up to be? Tell your story, share what you've learned from the experience & be featured on armondwakeup.com.

In support of Armond's upcoming mixtape The Havilland Savage Theory, you're invited to tell your story of "Right Love, Wrong One". Send in a blog or video to edoublef@gmail.com. Those whose stories are selected will be included in promotion for the project, & will also receive a digital copy of the mixtape before it's release date of February 9th.

All submissions must be received by January 30th.

Side notes:
  • If you are still bitter about the situation, your entry will not be accepted. The goal is to identify problems AND present solutions...
  • If that wound doesn't need to be opened, DON'T OPEN IT!!!!! I would hate for you to do all that for a mixtape.
  • Videos should be uploaded to a website such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

The Havilland Savage Theory is a mixtape which serves as the followup to Armond's "The Nina Mosley Experience". The Havilland Savage Theory is based off of the cult classic film "Hav Plenty" & tells the story of a young man named Lee Plenty, who spends the film dealing with his insecurities & personal inadequacies while in pursuit of his college crush Havilland Savage. Havilland is a beautiful woman, fresh off of a breakup & unknowingly uncertain of her future. Years of emotional buildup culminate in one rollercoaster of a weekend where both Lee & Havilland learn about love & their place in it...individually and collectively.

Set to be released February 9th at armondwakeup.com, Armond tackles both perspectives; what goes through a man's head before, during, & after a relationship? What is a man's "knee jerk" reaction to certain events in a relationship? Do men really have a hard time expressing their feelings? And for Havilland, what is under the surface of a woman who seemingly has it all together? Does the image of the "bitter woman" hold true?

This project was created to create healthy dialogue between men & women, which will hopefully produce some understanding between us. If you haven't grabbed your copy of The Nina Mosley Experience, which was based off the film Love Jones, do so here.