Friday, January 14, 2011

Breakdown "Airplanes"
1:18 PM

Breakdown "Airplanes"

Continuing in the "Breakdown" series, I'm going to decipher my most popular freestyle "Airplanes".

I was on my 'me myself & I'
Walls up, ain't need people
Wanna feel God, reach people
We need leaders
I'm royalty, bleed regal, see evil
Eyes are the windows to the soul, let the breeze ease in
All I need is an intermission for men to listen
Needle to the record, I overdosed on my inhibitions

A struggle I have is being too open in my music & not open enough in conversation
No Henny in the system, just many women
Say she independent, but so dependent on men's attention
Lord forgive me, not a religious bigot
Just a sinning Christian, tryna win these innings
In my mind like 'Lord, how can I reach the masses'
My past burned to the ground, can see the ashes
God said there's a lesson in the stressing
After you get the message, there's a blessing with some leverage

Trials are simply there to build our character & often come with rewards
BUT, I was going too fast, He wasn't done but I caught senoritis, stopped going to class
Still bought my cap & gown, clowned til the last day
Til I got that call 'you ain't walking with your classmates'

I related trials to high school, when you stop going to class as much, you let your grades slip & before you know it you can't catch up & there's not enough time. Sometimes we'll get through half of the trial & have a major victory, which ultimately isn't the complete victory. we'll slack off & before we know it our peers are passing us up because they pressed on & we didn't
I should be adamant for what my passion is
Neighbors know my name, they get my mail on accident
Ways of the world got my head broken
Told her 'I'm a minister', then she spread her legs open

One thing I've learned, is that ministry comes with a LOT of temptation...more than you think. Crazy part is, it isn't talked about until somebody succumbs to it
Turn on the TV, why can't women find a man?
Y'all ain't supposed to find us, that's the problem there

I'm not a fan of a woman pursuing a man, or a man allowing himself to be persued. Which is one of the many reasons I say men are the new women & vice versa. Men don't want you to be the damsel in distress tied up to the railroad tracks, but persuing a relationship with you shouldn't be a rubix cube either. You can make yourself available & still be involved with the things of your personal life
Too many absent fathers, bitter mothers, deprived children
We're all killing each other

It's a cycle...the man isn't there (which could be for a plethora of reasons, whether she pushes him away or he walks away), which in turn causes the woman to become bitter, and that ultimately has the largest affect on the child because they're without who & what they need to grow
Y'all ain't even seen a piece of my God
We at war, if you see blood, don't get squemish & fall off

People have this idea of Jesus being a hippie, frolicking in the forest. Not so much
But I ain't running with em, one day they gon' listen
Til then they're stuck, living their life off Reverend Run's wisdom

I personally can't stand Rev Run's's powdered milk. Powerless. A lot of it doesn't make sense. Catchy phrases. And people live their lives off of it, but you can't live off of only baby milk in a bottle. You'll die if you don't give your body meat & potatoes
We ain't all soldiers, y'all wanna build up the kingdom when God's tryna tear down & start over
See we're all broken
The devil was planting seeds when we was kids
Now we eating from his ribs

Eve came from Adam's rib...our sin & shortcomings come from hell. From the second you were born, Satan had it out for you, and he used several methods to keep you as far away from your destiny as possible. And he used whoever he could to mold you...friends & especially family members.
Yeah that's BIG...Chris Wallace
Devil shooting Bullet Bill's, pray they missed all us

God was painting a masterpiece, I brushed Him off
Started feeling myself, realized I was jerking off
Problems arise, I wonder where everybody is
But when they knock on the door, don't even let em in

Real simple, a lot of times we blame the devil for stuff when we are indeed our own worst enemy. God was working on me, I stopped Him from finishing, let pride get in the way & I used masturbation as a double entendre (feeling myself/hurting myself)...cuz masturbation is the loneliest pleasure of them all & it's really not pleasure in the grand scheme of things. Also I pointed out how people always talk about "me myself & I", "all I got is King Jesus", when 95% of God's ministry requires PEOPLE...working together with other PEOPLE. We push people away & wonder why nobody stays around.
Foolish pride says 'it's just me & God'
For whatever reason, His people make the evens odd

Even though people are needed to complete God's work, we're all human & imperfect & our flaws are very hard to work takes love & patience to push through the imperfections & complete the mission
My intentions were in vain, painted me as the enemy
Words of doubt entered me in my sleep
No piece of tail was worth the time I saught it for
$5 dollar condoms, $500 child support

do the math...
Probably why I use writing as an escapism
All these bars in my system help me escape prison
Stay grounded but soar
And as much as you love, go to war
Balance, in a sense I'm dueling inside
And hearing this terrible music is fueling my pride
So Lord, I can't do this on my own, I'll falter
Don't look down as you walk over the water
Word to my lady Keyl
I signed up for the Air Force & joined the Navy Seals

this is the line that EVERYBODY asks me about & it's simple. The Air Force is largely considered to be the easiest of the four branches of the military. Better facilities, easier jobs, easier deployments, etc. The Navy Seals are the cream of the crop of the military...the Army commercials that have guys coming out of the water, taking out the bad guys...that's what they do.

The Navy Seals boot camp is incredibly difficult, people get injured, sick, drop out, quit...during tryouts. People say they're able to handle it but when they get out there, they have NO clue. And that's what a walk with God is like; you sign up for give your life to God thinking that everything is sweet, all your sins are forgiven, nothing ever happens to you again & you live this easy, Air Force/Ned Flanders life. When it's really the Navy Seals. God stretches you, challenges you, renews your mind, hell wants your soul back, there's a struggle between good & evil that never goes away. You think you can handle it, but there are times you wanna quit, you get injured...but you can't. In the end when you make it through & become a SEAL, there's so much prestige, respect & honor that comes with it. You're glad you did it. Short term pain for long term pleasure. The Bible calls it the sufferings of this time don't compare to the glory of Jesus Christ that is to come.

Make sense?


mahina said...

That's a really DEEP freestyle! :)