Thursday, January 20, 2011

*NEW MUSIC* Uriah feat Armond- Lover's Sky
10:15 AM

*NEW MUSIC* Uriah feat Armond- Lover's Sky

OK I had NO idea this was leaking today. I met the homie Uriah through my boy Rich. Having a mutual respect for each other's music (his joint Love, War, Fair made me a fan) he asked me to be on the 1st single of his upcoming album Constellations called "Lovers Sky". The song is perfect, what with The Havilland Savage Theory dropping Feb 9th. The song is really sappy, classic R&B. No, "I love you girl cuz yo' body is this", no "up in the club, VIP...shawty finna come home with meeeeeee"...none'a'dat. Loving love because it's love.

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mahina said...

The song...that's nice. "Baby if we fly will we ever come dowwwnnn"... :D