Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ignite Spokane Inferno Concert Review
4:35 PM

Ignite Spokane Inferno Concert Review

i'll just start by posting the vid up 1st, concert review below

i got to the place around 6:15, after dodging potholes & making wrong turns for 20 minutes, i was a little more than happy to get off the road. band's are setting up, i'm thinking "dang i wish i had a band to set up with"...maybe I should've brought my Rock Band game so I could fit in. I haven't been this nervous for a show in years, "maybe I'll mess some lines up", "maybe they won't like me, this crowd looks like a rock crowd", "don't nobody wanna hear no rapper"...

I go outside & call Ca$h, somebody I THOUGHT would've given me words of encouragement, who I've done countless shows with, someone who I've been to hell & back with...he laughs at me :-( then he gives me words of encouragement. My phone's blowing up with emails, texts, and IMs asking if I've went on yet (yeah, cuz if i'm performing, i'ma stop the song to respond to your message :-| )

It's 7pm, lights dim...Showgun begins the show. I like rock, but not the screaming into the mic rock. But these guys are good, and not one of them looks a day over 21. My daughter has her own little mosh pit, she's killing the game, in her own little world. They do their thing...

I go on 2nd, I'm nervous, my blatter doesn't like me right now. There's a pretty decent sized crowd there, NOBODY i invited shows up, not in the mood to care.

song by song rundown


apparently they can't hear a thing i'm saying...beat's too loud, we're still working out the mic issues. doesn't really go over well. i'm getting the "deer in the headlights" look


this beat is UNDENIABLE!!!! thank you Sandman (do do doo glare). crowd's rocking a little more, still can't hear what i'm saying, not as bad as Victory though.

Anything Is Possible-

goes over REALLY well, watch the video


crowd starts to die down a little...i'm paying too much attention to my child & my wife to care


murders the game (as usual)...added a little drama to the 3rd verse (hi-five Jesus for the idea). people said they got goosebumps

after the show, i announce i have cds for free & i got RUSHED...SMH @ these 2 kids stealing copies of a free CD. you could tell they were really genuine, I've never got that before. Usually shows consist of a bunch of random groups & they invite all their friends out to support them. nobody's there for good music. I guess that's the difference between the former & a Godly environment.

i had to leave early, after my head was placed in the clouds, it hit the ground again, as daddy duty called. but all in all i had fun & i'd LOVE to do it again (holla @ me Jeremy!!!)