Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Night Before Christmas
5:59 PM

The Night Before Christmas

I had no clue what to write about, but the fact that I can post from the blackberry is dope. Early Christmas present...

Tomorrow is my 1st show in a year and a half. I'm nervous just thinking about it. One minute I wasn't even on rap like that, now I gotta perform for 30 minutes, craziness. I expect a small crowd, but I like the intimacy of it. I can just connect with a few people, get a feel for the music and where I wanna go with it. Pray that I don't forget my lines.

I've had a lot of crap go on this week, and I've had to make some choices to benefit the fam. Bros before...yeah. I'm lightweight mad @ what I had become. But I see that's what life is, trial and error. Sometimes you just wanna touch the stove until you get burnt. Then after you get burnt, you convince yourself it didn't hurt that bad & you do it again. So I have some pent up aggression that's gonna be left on the stagea. Excuse me if I throw a mic stand.

BUT, lesson learned. I still don't trust too much of anything that lives outside my house. Maybe I've become so set in my ways, I don't even wanna bother with change.

I dunno, I'm just rambling. I'm tired, its been a long day, and I have stuff to do when I get home. Ill have some video footage up this weekend. EffecTV youtube channel coming soon...

Oh, and I have NO clue when ill be recording music. 2 year olds have issues with home studios (or maybe its just my 2 year old). I got some heat written on the blackberry though. I'm especially hype about a song called "Voices", it basically about the voices in your head & the entire song is trying to figure out if its God, or discernments, or flesh, even demon spirits...its hot.

Yup, still rambling, lemme hit send. Lord let this last hour go by fast...
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