Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wake Up 3/Song Of The Day
7:38 PM

Wake Up 3/Song Of The Day

here's today's song...Skyzoo, Torae & DJ Premier-


i'm wondering who checks this blog out yet...have y'all made it a point to check it daily??? cuz i sho ain't made it a point to update it errday...

so yesterday, i decide to take the new whip out:

replace black with maroon

but yeah, i decide to take the new whip out & drive around the mean streets of Spokane, Washington. figured i'd get lost, take some time out to reflect & marinate on my life, and hopefully find a Wal-Mart somewhere in the process. threw the ipod on & low & behold...rap sucks, i was too sleepy to hear r&b, & i don't have any (recent enough) gospel that i'd wanna blast. so i figure, let me listen to myself. better yet, let me play Wake Up 2

now if you DON'T have this CD...i'm sorry. if you want it, i'l post it up tomorrow or sometime this weekend...

but i'm sitting back, listening to the it was put together, the things i spoke on, the beats, the hooks, the concepts...i must say i surprised myself. i'm my biggest critic & i was floored, especially at the ending (starting with The Drought, ending with God In My Life)

the story of a skinny punk from St Louis & how he went from running the streets wreckless to finding God, having a daughter & moving in the right direction to get his life right was real REAL dope.

then i dropped Ventilation, worked on All Angles & i just stopped...

then i was gonna drop Welcome Back last month, but I wasn't liking how it was coming out. way too preachy to be a mixtape. but last night it hit me...

you should turn it into Wake Up 3

so i am...i have no idea about the concept, what songs i'll be using, what beats & producers i'll be getting at...i just know that the world needs Wake Up 3

so expect a whole lot more frustration from your boy...this just might be my best work yet