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Kairos – The Album Release Party | 7.27.13
10:47 AM

Kairos – The Album Release Party | 7.27.13

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“One To Grow On”

The Kairos Album Release Party on Saturday July 27th will provide you with exactly what Armond was referring to when he decided to name his album Kairos, which means “A moment in time that presents an opportunity for change.”

His Story -

Fortunate enough to come from a long line of musicians in his family including his Father, Armond has been making music as long as he can remember.

“I started making music at 3 or 4 years old, scratching on my Dad’s records and messing them up. I wrote my 1st rhyme when I was 7, and performed for the first time at a school talent show in the 3rd grade. I stopped to pursue Sports and got back to being serious about Music again when a friend of mine who would always try to get me to rap, killed himself.”

The 9 projects he has released over his lifetime are like the chapters of his book.

In this time, Armond has gone from putting out mixtapes, rapping about cash and hoes, to ultimately ministering the message of Christ through his music.

“God speaks in a zillion ways every second of every day, if we just tune in to listen. Music is merely the medium, not the solution.”

His Music -

When listening to Armond it becomes immediately obvious that his view is different. The way he thinks, sees the world, his music, himself, and others is opposite to what most people would prefer. Instead of speaking from the “outside looking in” Armond stands shoulder to shoulder with the listener, choosing to stay close, personal and “on the inside looking out.” For example: There are certain questions that every Artist must answer at some point; one of those questions is: Who are your influences? The usual answer given will consist of the Artist’ version of the “who is who” in the music business. But Armond’s outlook, just like his style commands first to take you to a higher level of thinking.

“Life. People. Conversation. Experiences. Truth. The Bible says wisdom cries from everywhere, so creativity, originality, wisdom, is literally everywhere. The earth belongs to the Lord and so does everything in it, so if we open our eyes and tune our ears, we can pull from anything…. But musically, I’m all over the place. Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album provided the sonic landscape for Kairos. Anita Baker, Sade, Alabama Shakes, Skyzoo, Kendrick Lamar, Hillsong, everything literally inspires me.”

The Album –

Kairos reminds me of a spiritually elevated De La Soul album, where like De La, Armond energetically delivers the message through his music and then eloquently explains it.

With lyrics like: “It’s like I’m David in my heart and Judas in my mind”

Armond challenges you to think, compare, and decide.

“God called David a man after His own heart. David was a warrior, he was a worshipper, he was strong, he was courageous, he was a leader. David was also a man, he was susceptible to himself and the things of this life, as we all are. And Judas — we know him as a traitor, but he was a man too. Turning his back on God was something he did, but it wasn’t who he was, and we are all both of those people all the time. We love God, and eat at His table, we commune with Him, but we will also stab him in the back for nothing, in a heartbeat.”

Armond’s music and message does not set out to judge, what it does is remind you of your purpose and his. Simply put: “To be the light in a dark world.”

kairos album release party
Check out Armond Saturday at The Album Release Party for his album, Kairos starting promptly at 7:30 p.m. He will be in full effect, or more appropriately in his case, in full affect.