Friday, February 4, 2011

Recap: Poet's Lounge One Year Anniversary & Interview w/ 'For Tha Hell Of It' Radio Show
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Recap: Poet's Lounge One Year Anniversary & Interview w/ 'For Tha Hell Of It' Radio Show

Yup...tonight HAPPENED!!! It's 9am, I'm in my cubicle fighting sleep but it's worth it (plus it's Friday, i'll sleep in tomorrow). Last night, my boy Wali "Mr Nice Guy" Crowder celebrated the one year anniversary of his weekly Poet's Lounge event normally held at Cup O'Joe's (Easton) with a grand event at Von Jazz, Columbus' #1 spot for urban entertainment. And he invited me to come through & perform. Here's the recap.

Pic I snapped soon as I got there. Tonight was my redemption from nearly 14 months ago...and I made sure I was gonna redeem.

The venue filled up quick!!!!! Pretty soon we were packed like sardines because the venue & the promoters double booked (*shrugs*...happens) but that's a GOOD problem to have. Everybody was packed out to see Eric Roberson & with good reason.

Wali asks me to go on first...I dunno, maybe I'm a good tone setter?? Not sure. But I made sure I would remember this night for-ev-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (5 pts for movie reference)

Here's the picture I took from the stage

All of the other poets were amazing, Wali definitely brought out the big guns. Erro arrived a little late due to a flight delay, so his show began around 9:30pm. Dude has a GREAT live set, did a go-go inspired version of "Couldn't Hear Me", did a couple medleys, great crowd interaction...SOON as he gets into the middle of his set, it's 10pm.

I had to run outside in the blistering cold & call into the For Tha Hell Of It radio show. FTHOI is a sports podcast done by U'Nikk & Cool Breeze. I had a song I did over the weekend that's totally separare from The Havilland Savage Theory & gave it to them to world premiere. At this point this is the ONLY place you can hear this song, I'm not releasing the CDQ for a minute. Check out the show, I call in around the one hour mark.

Download in iTunes

Oh, and point out how soon as I start getting at Nikk, the phone "hangs up" on accident. Riiiiight...SMH.

All in all, it was an incredible night. I met some great people, shared some gospel & had a LOT of fun in the process.