Monday, November 2, 2009

Effect Radio is Back!!!!!!
12:23 PM

Effect Radio is Back!!!!!!

Everybody's familiar with the radio interview I did with "The Movement Radio Show" I did 3 weeks ago (if not CLICK HERE. Let me give y'all a quick rewind first before I give y'all the good news.

The host of the show (DJ With No Name) is good friends with my Pastor. He was talking about how he was starting a radio/podcast network & he was looking for artists to spotlight. My Pastor told him about me & that's how I got the interview. So while we're taping, the DJ's telling us about his vision to have a podcast network & soon branch off into a 24 hour streaming radio station. He was looking for people that were capable of doing shows. I told him about EdoubleF Radio & the desire I had to do more. If you missed the 1st episode of EdoubleF Radio CLICK HERE. He liked my idea & said he'd be in touch...

So yesterday he gives me a call & offers me my own weekly show. He said I can do whatever I want, he didn't give me ANY restrictions whatsoever, which is crazy. of right now the format will be me playing music & having segments talking about a specific topic. I'ma also have a spotlight segment on artists & get their music out there. I've already got quite a few artists lined up, so I'm hype. My only gripe is whether I'ma play strictly Christian music (the network is Christian based), or will I just kinda use the same discernment I use when I'm listening to music on my own (aka would you play this around Jesus). I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm not sure.

SO...I need all artists, producers, beat makers, singers, musicians, whoever. If you make music, and IT'S me @ with your submissions. If your music isn't Christian based, it at the very least has to be clean & positive. If it is contrived, I will know & I will not play you. The 1st episode will more than likely debut either the week before or after Thanksgiving. Not sure on what I'll be talking about, but if you have any suggestions hit me up.

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