Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Weather Your Kairos" - Ca$h Hollistah
11:00 AM

"Weather Your Kairos" - Ca$h Hollistah

(Ca$h Hollistah pictured with his youngest daughter Jazmine)

Today we begin a series "Weather Your Kairos".  Kairos is not just an album, rather a mindset.  A culture.  We want to showcase how everyday people are allowing God to apply Kairos in their lives & how they're weathering it.  To share your story, send an email to & attach a picture of you wearing any Kairos merch you've purchased from

One of my Kairos moments occurred actually pretty recently. I was trying to find myself as an artist. It's tricky because I find myself being pretty much an outsider in the Christian Hip-Hop world (which I grew up in and have played a part in for the majority of my adult life). Knowing that I need to be around but not caring for it too much. During this tug-of-war, I started investing my time into the community. Hosting hip-hop & poetry events, joining the Arts & Humanities commission in my city, bridging the gap between the arts & church. Those happening, coupled with having conversations with not only God, but with friends and family, helped me realized that my city and my community needs me MUCH MORE than the CHH world does.

How did it affect you?

It caused me to look at my neighboorhood, even my old neighborhood, and realize that those people don't care about a rapper on a blog, they care about how they're gonna eat that night. And that me tweeting & posting about my songs isn't really gonna help a lot.

What did it lead you to do & how did you/are you making it work for you?

I've continued on my path of being a part of the community. Not just in the church, but extending outside of those walls and being the hands & feet that Christ told us believers to be. Still doing music, but not following the current trends and patterns that most of industry tells us independent artists to copy.

Anything you've got going on that you'd like to share?

I'm in the middle of hosting a breakdance academy in my city, where we introduce the element of b-boying to middle school & high schoolers. I teach in schools across the state of Kansas, doing a class called "Poetry In Hip-Hop" which compares and contrasts the poets of yesterday (Shakespeare, Frost, Hughes) with the modern day "poets" (Jay-Z, Mos Def, Eminem). On top of all of that, I have a remix project of one of my singles, called "goRilla. - the remixes.", one of which features Mr. WakeUp himself. Connect with me on If not, I hope you got something out of my story.