Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Armond LIVE On theAntidoteTV
10:31 AM

Armond LIVE On theAntidoteTV

So I was asked by the great ppl over at theAntidote TV (what up Tyler!!!) to be a guest on their show back in the Fall. Just to give some background, theAntidote is a TV show in the Florida area who's mission is to engage young adults with relevant, tangible conversation. & praise God they thought enough of me to share their platform with them. On the show we talk about Preachers of LA, what is the Will of God, the grace of God & of course Kairos. It's a great show, (I'm sure you'll be screaming at your TV, Clock Radio Speakers style) check it out.

theAntidote: Armond from DMeNetwork on Vimeo.